Weddings, as a Guest {Part Two}

Follow up to Part One

Subtitled: “Mirrorless Wedding Photography”

My second “wedding as a guest” last month was my friend Lea’s wedding in Columbus, Mississippi. Lea is a dear girl I know from our time together at Muddy’s Bake Shop. My friend Clark and I roadtripped it down there for the ceremony, and I gave the Samsung NX1100 its second trial as my companion camera. Even with just the kit lens, the NX1100 came through! It was a lovely wedding! I was also happy to see some of my awesome former workmates from the bakery – and some Muddy’s folks whom I’ve met before but never had the pleasure to work with. Needless to say, there was a big “Team Muddy’s” contingent in attendance at darling Lea’s wedding!

Part Two: Lea & Michael’s Wedding Reception • Lee Home • Columbus, MS

(^^^ so cute!!!)


The bride, holding the cutest little champagne coupe I ever did see

Father-daughter dance

Team Muddy’s: Muddy’s baker Kadie and her guy Matt

Team Muddy’s: The Thurmonds, Mark who still works for the bakery and Karen who used to – OH and that’s just the new Mrs. Liles standing next to them! 


Team Muddy’s: Former Muddy’s employees Christina and SJ

Team Muddy’s:  Muddy’s community builder, Sara, and  her husband Jacob (they’re newlyweds too!)

Cupid Shuffle, naturally

(And I did have a film camera which I shot with…those photos will be posted when I get the film developed!!)

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