{January Ice}

Leave it to me to let a roll of film go undeveloped for far too long…

Until recently, I’d carried this roll of Ektar around in my purse since I shot it in January. It sort of fell by the wayside, and I always prioritized other rolls over it when I went to the photo lab.  At least I hadn’t forgotten what I’d photographed on the film this time though! I definitely knew it contained photos from the ice storm we experienced early this year. I just remember going out and shivering in the cold so I could document the layer of ice that had fallen the night before. I was afraid that my shivering would result in blurry photos. Not so!  I actually shot these with the idea that some of these things almost become abstract, depending upon how you approach photographing them. I hope that comes across in the final product. I think the results were quite pretty…

Nikon EM Nikon • 50mm 1.8 AIS  (+ close-up filter on some)  • Kodak Ektar 100

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