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{Instant} Family Photography: The Jackson Family, Fall 2013

This is just a peek into the session I did this month with the Jacksons. I brought along my Polaroid 250, to shoot alongside my digital camera. It’s got weird light leaks and can take patience to get the shots just right, but here are the best few instant photos from our session!

The beautiful couple: Mike and Meagan

Daddy and Ezra

Polaroid 250 • Fuji FP-100c

{January Pretties}

What you see here are vegan fresh blackberry pancakes I made back in January. I, of course, photographed the pancakes and posted the photo on Instagram. It’s what we do these days, right?  But I’m so glad I shot them on film too!  The REAL film “look” and shallow depth make this version oh-so-much prettier than the wannabe film filters any phone app can offer!

 Nikon EM Nikon • 50mm 1.8 AIS + close-up filter • Kodak Ektar 100

{January Ice}

Leave it to me to let a roll of film go undeveloped for far too long…

Until recently, I’d carried this roll of Ektar around in my purse since I shot it in January. It sort of fell by the wayside, and I always prioritized other rolls over it when I went to the photo lab.  At least I hadn’t forgotten what I’d photographed on the film this time though! I definitely knew it contained photos from the ice storm we experienced early this year. I just remember going out and shivering in the cold so I could document the layer of ice that had fallen the night before. I was afraid that my shivering would result in blurry photos. Not so!  I actually shot these with the idea that some of these things almost become abstract, depending upon how you approach photographing them. I hope that comes across in the final product. I think the results were quite pretty…

Nikon EM Nikon • 50mm 1.8 AIS  (+ close-up filter on some)  • Kodak Ektar 100