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Weddings, as a Guest {Part Two}

Follow up to Part One

Subtitled: “Mirrorless Wedding Photography”

My second “wedding as a guest” last month was my friend Lea’s wedding in Columbus, Mississippi. Lea is a dear girl I know from our time together at Muddy’s Bake Shop. My friend Clark and I roadtripped it down there for the ceremony, and I gave the Samsung NX1100 its second trial as my companion camera. Even with just the kit lens, the NX1100 came through! It was a lovely wedding! I was also happy to see some of my awesome former workmates from the bakery – and some Muddy’s folks whom I’ve met before but never had the pleasure to work with. Needless to say, there was a big “Team Muddy’s” contingent in attendance at darling Lea’s wedding!

Part Two: Lea & Michael’s Wedding Reception • Lee Home • Columbus, MS

(^^^ so cute!!!)


The bride, holding the cutest little champagne coupe I ever did see

Father-daughter dance

Team Muddy’s: Muddy’s baker Kadie and her guy Matt

Team Muddy’s: The Thurmonds, Mark who still works for the bakery and Karen who used to – OH and that’s just the new Mrs. Liles standing next to them! 


Team Muddy’s: Former Muddy’s employees Christina and SJ

Team Muddy’s:  Muddy’s community builder, Sara, and  her husband Jacob (they’re newlyweds too!)

Cupid Shuffle, naturally

(And I did have a film camera which I shot with…those photos will be posted when I get the film developed!!)

Weddings, as a Guest {Part One}

Subtitled: “Mirrorless Wedding Photography

If my calculations are correct, it had been a full THREE YEARS since I’d attended a wedding as a guest rather than as the wedding photographer. Having two weddings to attend in the month of September was a wonderful treat for me. Being me, of course, I didn’t go to the weddings sans camera. That would be just plain silly! One of my favorite things to do as a photographer is document fun times I’m having with friends, and that’s just what I did at these two weddings.

This actually another post about my Samsung NX1100. When I whipped that camera out at my friend Matt’s wedding, those around me were impressed with its looks and were more than happy to let me photograph them with it (pro tip: never underestimate the value of having a cool looking camera when you want to have people engage with you and allow you to take their photograph.) This was also my first real opportunity to use the little accessory pop-up flash that came with the NX1100.

Part One: Matt & Lauren’s Wedding Reception • Central Train Station • Memphis, TN 

Bouquets on the wedding cake table

Wedding cake

Groom’s cake

Central Train Station

Guest book table in the lobby

The clutch I carried to the wedding. It’s where I stashed my NX1100 when not in use.

Cutting of the cake

And so begin the snapshots of my friends…

Amy and Daniel, who also got married a few weeks after this! 

The Wagenschutzes

The only and only Jason Baker

A family portrait of sorts: Jason, Kimberly, Adam, and Ty

Jason and Amy

So much dancing

Jason and Eli

Brotherly love between JoelG and JasonB

We obviously had a blast, so it’s fair to say that this camera will be accompanying me to social occasions where I just want some fun snapshots of my friends. Plus, I thought the NX1100 delivered on some of the nicer photos I took around the reception venue. I’m so glad I sold my point-and-shoot digital camera and picked up a mirrorless one. Never looking back!


More of my photography of motorcycles that are on display/being sold at the auto auction where my family caters meals. I loved the leather fringe on the handlebars, the chrome skull gas cap, and the retro-style  red and ivory logo. The fact that floor in the auction bay is turquoise never hurts – makes a lovely backdrop for photos I take out there!

Bronica ETRSi  • Zenzanon 75mm/2.8 EII • Kodak Portra 160

Life with the Samsung

Remember how I got a new mirrorless digital camera and posted my first impressions? Well now I have MORE impressions to share with you!

Hello, pretty little thing! 

And I begin with a confession:  I am enjoying a digital camera for the first time in my life. If you look through this blog or know me at all, you’ll know that I am a DIE HARD film photography fan. I tend to only shoot digital when I’m hired for weddings, portrait sessions, etc. But it’s true: I love this Samsung NX1100. In no way has it replaced the film cameras I inevitably have with me at all times, but  the NX1100 has been a fun addition to my camera arsenal! I’ve loved beaming photos over to my Samsung tablet and sharing them with the world  (my Instagram followers may recognize some of these!)

A really funny joke I was making about my Bronica ETRSi not fitting in the evening bag I was taking to a wedding. Okay. I was the only one who thought it was a funny joke. Probably. 

Caught Up

A very rainy day in Mississippi

Trying to move past my aversion to actually using the stash of expired film I’ve got in my fridge

Pumpkin pie bars I made for my family’s catering company

Pondering how I managed to get two knots in this ribbon wand when I was waved it as my friends left the reception of their wedding a couple of weeks earlier

Pecan pie bars I made for my family’s catering company (it’s a tough job being the desserts girl in the fam)

Vegan cupcakes I made for a catering job and for some friends

Strawberries of unknown origins on the door of my friend Clark’s apartment

What a rooftop patio looks like in the pouring rain

Very rainy day, very steep steps to Clark’s apartment

The prettiest tea I’ve ever seen, at Otherlands in Memphis

What can I say? I enjoy taking photos in coffee shops.

Vegan pumpkin biscuits I made. Why didn’t these happen sooner in my lifetime?

Sneak peek of something you’ll see more of soon: the day my mom got a tattoo! 

Precious little vegan cupcake pies 

More dessert I made for the family business: Mississippi mud cake! 

So excited about the new camera bag that just arrived!

Vegan mini pear pies, in two different mini sizes! 

A tiny slice of the aforementioned mini pear pie. So good! 

Globules of milk and food colouring floating in oil – the result of making red velvet cake

Now I’m hoping the camera lens fairy will bring me a nice 30mm or 16mm or 60mm lens for this sweet little camera *sigh*

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