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{First Birthday} Nathan!!!

This little rascal smiled for this one because he was about to knock the chalk board over!

This is Nathan, and he just turned one!

His parents, Emily and Doug, asked me if I’d be the photographer to document baby’s first birthday party, and I happily obliged. I must say that it was a lot of fun! I spent my time at Nathan’s party snapping photos of him, his sisters, the other little ones who were there to celebrate, and the all important eating of the “smash cake!”

A child on a mission: put him down and he immediately tried to make his escape! 

Nathan and his big sisters, Paisley and Lexie

The kids had such a good time!

Party favors – it was picnic themed


Tearing in to that smash cake!

Nathan with him Daddy and Mommy – believe it or not, this was actually taken AFTER the smash cake was demolished by the baby! They were very wise about letting him get messy and then cleaning him right up! 

(I think I might have to sell this family a season pass for birthday party photos, since their family seems to be ever-growing! They just announced that baby #4 is due later this year!)

{Engaged} Amy + Daniel

I’d been waiting for this day: The day when I’d have an engaged couple who’d agree to do their session at Jerry’s Sno Cones.

That is a totally true statement. When Daniel asked if I’d be able to do engagement photos for him and his fiance, Amy, Jerry’s was the first location that came to mind. I had a feeling my idea would not be shot down. And it turned out that he and Amy had actually toyed with the idea of using Jerry’s as one our of locales. So basically, I decided it was just meant to be.

After we left Jerry’s, Amy, Daniel, and I headed to Harbortown. So fancy!

I’m pretty sure Daniel and Amy should be featured in a future ad campaign for Coca-Cola™

I had not met Amy prior to the day when we did their engagement photos, but I pretty much fell for her immediately. I’ve known Daniel for nearly ten years and I’m  thrilled that he’s found himself such an awesome girl! Daniel’s moving to Birmingham to start his life with Amy, but I hope they come visit Memphis often!


{Engaged} Emily + Ethan

A girl and a guy meet whilst working at a bakery, start dating, and end up getting married one day. Sounds like a rom-com movie plot, eh?

But that’s exactly how this engaged couple, Emily and Ethan, met! They briefly worked together (and with me) at Muddy’s a few years ago. Legend has it that Emily actually took notice of Ethan before she worked at the bakery, when she was at Muddy’s while visiting her aunt (who worked there at the time.) I’m sure she didn’t know that when she inquired about that “cute guy” behind the counter, that she’d one day become his wife!

Emily and Ethan are getting married in May, and they asked me to do a little engagement photo session for them. We did a few at Muddy’s, as a nod to the bakery’s role in their having met. It’s nice to have an excuse to use a delicious cupcake as a “prop” for your engagement photos!

We then headed downtown to take a stroll around the Ornamental Metal Museum’s courtyard. It was a beautiful (and windy!) afternoon

I’m so happy for these two! I was glad I got to spend the afternoon with them, catching up and making them kiss for a bunch of pictures (hahaha!) I’ll be doing their wedding photos, too, so you’ll see Emily and Ethan on this blog again soon!

Side note: There was an artisans’ market called the “Cosmic Trunk Show” taking place at the museum the afternoon we were there for these photos. We browsed the goods being offered by the artists before we left. We stopped at a table with handmade jewelry, and Ethan picked up cool braided, oxidized band ring to try on. He liked it so much that Emily bought it to use as his wedding band! Pretty cool and unexpected outcome of our trip to the Ornamental Metal Museum that day!