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St. Paddy’s Day at 1372 Overton Park

While others were out slinging green beers and wearing “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirts in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I was at a little place called 1372 Overton Park seeing a few bands play.  I ended up being pretty happy with my choice of activities for the evening, since I got to see cool bands and hang with some awesome people at this show!

I was there primarily to see Water Liars play, and they did not disappoint. I highly recommend you pick up their new album and check them out for yourself if you get wind that they’re coming through your town. For the time being, click the link below to see photos of William Stull, The Switchblade Kid, and Water Liars!

William Stull. The Switchblade Kid. Water Liars @ 1372 Overton Park. March 17, 2013.

{Forgotten Frames} Muddy’s Edition

Oops. I did it again. More “forgotten frames” of film!

There is no good explanation as to why I didn’t remember about these photos. It’s not like some other film I forgot about that wasn’t developed until six years after it was taken. These were only taken at the end of November 2012! By the looks of it , it took me another month to finish this roll of film. Then, I dropped this roll at the photo lab (along with ten other rolls) and didn’t get to pick any of that film up until now. About two and a half months later…

What I have here are photos I took during a couple of photo shoots for Muddy’s, just as incidental shots for my own enjoyment. I had shoots at Kat’s house and at the bakery that week. I’m kind of glad I didn’t remember about these photos before getting the developed film back. I think they’re really cute and they made me pretty happy, so I thought I’d share them with you!

Ricoh FF-1* • Fuji Superia 400 (expired)

*So much love for this little camera right now!