{La Sardina} In Spring

Remember that time I won a Lomography La Sardina? Being a toy camera with very limited control over exposure and focus settings, the La Sardina is a camera that I don’t bring out very often. It’s hard to get through a roll in a timely manner sometimes due to the fixed aperture and shutter speeds. That’s because the camera is really light hungry! But once the sun starting to show its face again this spring, I decided that it was time to be purposeful about shooting a roll with the La Sardina!


Corvette, at work

Storm rolling in

I keep thinking that this peeling paint looks like a family standing side-by-side

I have what you might call a “toothy grin” (on Cinco de Mayo)

Fire department in the town where I live, taken from the car with the window rolled down

At my aunt’s house in Texas for a day and a half

Pit stop at a Dairy Queen in Louisiana on our way back to Mississippi (both are bulb exposures)

If you ever use a La Sardina camera, I think it’s at its best on sunny days or when you use its bulb setting to give more exposure control. That’s the secret to any success I’ve had with it anyway! (That’s the secret to my success with any toy camera…)

Lomography La Sardina • Kodak High Definition 400 film, expired in 2011

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