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I love Twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras. I do.  They’re one of my favorite “genre” of cameras. But most TLRs only focus down to about three feet. While that might be close enough for some people, it’s just not close enough for me! That’s one reason I was pretty happy when an old photo buddy of mine sent me two close-up filters for  my Yashica D TLR in 2010. I admittedly haven’t used the filters that often, so last year I loaded my Yashica with the express purpose of shooting the entire roll with the close-up filters attached. Finishing this roll took months, because I didn’t exactly use the most versatile film for this little project of mine – Fuji Velvia, which expired in 1999, shot at 25 ASA,  with the intention of having it cross processed. This might just sound like a bunch of photog “mumbo jumbo” to most folks who run across this blog, but some of you will know that the technical details about the film I’ve just listed = “Yikes!”

This roll of “close-ups only” film was another one which I finished and didn’t have processed until months later. I’m bad about that when it comes to 120 film, I guess! I’m quite happy with the results though, so this is a good reminder that I need to slap one of the close-up filters onto my Yashica D and take that bad boy for a spin on a more regular basis!



Yashica D TLR • +1 or +2 Close-up filter

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