Little Bit O’Hassy Lurve

This one will be short and sweet. These were the first Hasselblad photos I’d taken in 3 years, and I admit that there was a bit of a re-learning curve to shooting with it. Why’s that? The image you see in a waist-level viewfinder is reversed left-to-right, people! It can be tricky and take some getting used to…

But I digress.

I just love the feel of “homey” pictures taken on medium format film, so shooting in Kat’s home during a recent Muddy’s menu photo session was the perfect opportunity to break out the Hassy. The draping fabric of our photo backdrop and the charming details of the decor in Kat’s house were perfectly suited for what I had in mind for this set of photos!

Hasselblad 500 C/M • Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm/2.8 T* • Fuji Pro 400H

More Hassy photos to come…I’m ’bout to kick it into high gear with this thing!

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