Happy 2011!

I am SO excited about the photographic possibilities of 2011! I did so many wonderful photo shoots with amazing people in 2010, and I think 2011 is going to be even brighter. Here’s to a new year and lots of new photo opportunities!

About the above photo collage…

On New Year’s Day, I was at my sister’s house and I decided I wanted to introduce my niece to the idea of painting with light in photos. So these photos in this collage are some of the experiments we did that day. My niece did the star and individual letters for “Happy,” and I put them together as one word in post-processing. My sister wrote the word “Year” and I did “New” – my niece triggered the shutter in bulb for me and held the shutter down until I finished the word.

My sister told me that Anna Marie was trying to get my sister to let her paint with light using a camera phone the next day. That made me smile, even if my sister had to explain that a phone’s camera’s shutter wouldn’t stay open long enough…

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