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Baby Photography: Ezra’s HOLIDAY Edition

Today’s edition of Babyyyyyy Photography: It’s Baby Ezra again – aged 7 months!

Location: University of Memphis area

Here’s the story: I saw a mobile phone photo of Ezra sitting next to his family’s Christmas tree. I knew immediately knew that we had to do a mini photo shoot to commemorate Ezra’s first Christmas. Because he is too presh. Too too presh. His parents were on the same page about the matter, and the rest, as they say, is history. We had a mini photo session¬† in his home, which was so great because I think little ones are sometimes more at ease in familiar surroundings. Plus, Ezra’s mom and dad have great style, so shooting in their home is extra awesome.

This smile? Ezra’s reaction when his daddy came home from running an errand. Love it!

I just love seeing this little family unit interact with each other. I was showing my mother some of these photos, and she said “Ooooh,¬† you can tell they love that baby so much. That makes me so happy.” I couldn’t agree more!

This might be my favorite shot of the whole afternoon though:

I just think this shot says it all!