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New digs!!!!

Not new digs, per se, but a new layout.

I spent a number of hours yesterday morning, live chatting with tech support at my web host. I don’t want to bog things down with boring details or IT jargon (mostly because I don’t really understand these things myself!) but….it turns out that the WordPress theme I’d been using for the past four years had left me vulnerable to some sort of hacking. I was ordered by the tech support guru to delete everything associated with my old blog theme and choose a new one. *sobbing* But I spent so much time over the years choosing photos for and lovingly creating nearly 90 custom banners for that theme!!!!

So many custom banners…Death Cab for Cutie banner, I’ll miss you! 

But I decided to take this as a good opportunity to change up the look of the blog a bit.  After all, I’ve been the queen of looking for silver linings for YEARS before there was an oscar-winning  movie made about them 🙂 Hacked WordPress theme? That means you get to pick a new one that’ll spruce up the place! Silver lining!

I’ve got a number of blogs in the works, so I’ll keep ya’ll posted as I get those up here!

Long-Term Project {My gift to you}

The Shoot With Personality you see today is not the first incarnation of SWP. I began doing live band photography in 2000, when I’d go see my friends’ play local shows with their bands. By 2002, I registered, as a place to put those photos as well as snapshots of friends when we were all attending shows. In 2009, I changed SWP to a blog/portfolio site. The sheer volume of band photos meant that most of the ones I took at shows in the early days of my photographic “career” didn’t make it into the new SWP photo galleries. I felt like this was the right move for my website, but I felt it left my friends without a place to look at pictures from the good ole days.

I’ve had plans to find a way to get a lot of these older photos back onto my website in some way, as a gift to those who’d like to look back on years past. This plan got derailed when my external hard drive took a dive and was rendered completely useless at the beginning of 2012, meaning a lot of the photos archived on it are unreadable.  There are some photos which I may never recover. The plan right now is to publish the photos that I am able to gather, bit by bit, and have them available in a photo gallery on SWP. You’ll always be able to find these photos if you go to the Photo Gallery link you see above, and visit the “live band photography” section. In the olden days, I didn’t know that I needed to save high resolution copies of my photo scans, so I will apologize on the front end that the photos aren’t quite as large as others found on SWP!

As you see the shows I’ve been able to get online as of right now, you’ll see that it doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the bands I’ve photographed and that which used to be housed on SWP. Never you worry. I’ll be working diligently to get more archived here. I feel like this is the least I can do, since all those shows I photographed and friends I made along the way have shaped me as both a photographer and a person.



Bon Voyage, LFA!

This week, those fellas in Looking for Alaska have been on tour around the Southeast part of our country. Lucky for us back home, they played a tour kick-off show here before hitting the dusty trail. There was a lot of Josh Cannon and several balloons involved. See for yourself in the photos linked below!Wicker. Projections. Looking for Alaska. Dec. 16 ’11 @ Awesometown. Cordova, TN.

Two Shows for the Price of One

 Well, kind of.

It’s been a crazy sort of a week, in which I attended two shows whilst having my website non-functional for most of it. Thanks to those circumstances, I present to you a quick SWP update containing photos from both of those shows, in one fell swoop .

Show, the first:

“The Acorns Appreciation Show “

There is an annual, and sometimes bi-annual, event wherein the Acorns (aka Ryan Hailey) are (is) in the Memphis area and plays a show or two.  It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

ManCub. Chad Turner. The Acorns. Wicker. Nov. 27 ’11 @ The Smith7 House. Cordova, TN.

Show, the second:

Caleb Roedel Benefit Show

I went to see Looking for Alaska at this HUGE benefit show out at Hope Presbyterian. This was an LFA unlike any we had ever seen before. I would describe the experience as “intense” (and did so several times to the band’s members afterward.) They played a set of distinctively heavy covers, which I personally was not expecting. But I also personally give this performance two thumbs up. They were SO awesome, as per usual. It made me one happy girl, as per usual.

Looking for Alaska. Dec. 2 ’11 @ Hope Presbyterian. Cordova, TN

Okay, that’s it for now! If you’re looking for me over the next coupla days, I’ll be busy photographing a gala tonight, baking ten cakes for a banquet tomorrow, and being busy busy busy in general ! Phew!


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