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Birthday-ish Week, 2021

Since my birthday is this weekend, I thought I’d use that as an excuse to post photos I took in the week between my birthday and my sister’s in 2021, since I just got them developed a few months ago!

We had my birthday lunch downtown at Pyro’s Pizza Pies – most memorable was how we were all DYING because my mom was being really chatty with the college students who were sitting next to us. The students seemed to love her though, of couse!

A short walk downtown

My birthday Bourbon Mocha at Vice & Virtue

I knocked a cup of vodka sauce at Aldo’s on to the table, my arm, and my pants. That’s the orange part on them.

Little strawberry cakelettes I made to wrap up my own birthday shenanigans that week. They looked so fancy! 

My sister’s birthday – we had lunch at R.P. Tracks – I sat across from my niece 🙂 Memorable moment from this lunch: we’re pretty sure that’s where my sister and brother-in-law contracted Covid, which they tested positive for a few days later. 

We then went to the Dixon Gallery and Gardens after lunch. As it happened, there were exhibits on that featured dessert-themed art. Perfect for ME!

And finally, the birthday dessert I made for my sister: lemon cheesecake topped with lemon curd, by her request

Nikon N80 Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D Kodak Ultra Max 400 


{No Time Like the Present} Olympus XA2, 2018

When I got this roll of film taken with my Olympus XA2 developed (about three years after I’d shot it,) I looked at the images and thought “I forget what a special little camera it is!” Maybe it’s the charm of the XA2’s design, the ease of use, or the fact that it’s so darn portable that you can take it anywhere, (or all of the above) but the Olympus XA2 is a camera I’m really happy to have in my photographic arsenal (though I hope my niece gets interested enough in photography that I can let her be the primary user of my XA2! She’s shot a roll with it!)


Photos taken in late winter/spring 2018

Merry Christmas



Downtown Memphis before a Winter Jam concert at the FedEx Forum


Me in the bathroom at FedEx Forum




Downtown Memphis after we left Winter Jam


Behind the scenes of an Instax Mini photo


I mean, look at that blue sky!


Viet Hoa Asian market in Memphis


Teen Challenge thrift store




Crosstown Concourse


Purple truck in my town