{Instant Road trip} Mini Mississippi-Louisiana-Texas Tour

I’ve shared photos taken with a Fuji Instax Wide camera on this blog a couple of times, but allow me to introduce you to the Instax Wide’s charming little sibling, the Instax Mini.

There are several different Instax Mini models. Mine is the Mini 50s. Piano black, as it were.

I love the Instax Wide format, but I wasn’t sure I’d be crazy about photos that are so tiny by comparison.

For comparison: Mini on top 1.811″ W x 2.441″ H, Wide on the bottom 3.898″ W x 2.441″ H

I was wrong though! The Mini prints are so cute!

As fortune would have it, I received the Mini 50s the day before I set out on a road trip to Crockett, Texas with my mother. We were going there to visit my aunt and would be driving through Mississippi and Louisiana on our way to Texas. What a perfect way to take the Mini for a spin!

Cracker Barrel | Jackson, Mississippi
What American road trip would be complete without a stop at Cracker Barrel?
(though we had a horrible experience there…)

Palms | Vicksburg, Mississippi
Outside the motel where we’d stopped for the night before continuing on to Texas

Ameristar Casino | Vicksburg, Mississippi

Sunflower | Rest area in Louisiana

Moosehead Cafe | Crockett, Texas

Whataburger | Crockett, Texas

Kwik Kar Wash | Crockett, Texas

Volkswagen Beetle repurposed as a flower planter |Crockett, Texas

Ritz Theater | Crockett, Texas

H-E-B supermarket |Crockett, Texas

H-E-B supermarket |Crockett, Texas

Mom and Aunt Debra at Monte Jack Driskell Stadium, Friday night football | Crockett, Texas

Laundromat | Grapeland, Texas

Laundromat | Grapeland, Texas

Sign for the RV & Recreational Park at Salmon Lake | Grapeland, Texas

Art made from paint brushes, stirrers, and cans @ Salmon Lake Park | Grapeland, Texas

Tattered door @ Salmon Lake Park | Grapeland, Texas

Antique Ford @ Salmon Lake Park | Grapeland, Texas

Firworks stand | Garrison, Texas

Dairy Queen | Linden, Texas

I knew from experience that Fuij’s instant films LOVE primary colors, so I basically wanted to photograph anything with blue, red, yellow, or any combination of those three colors. The weather was beautiful on our trip, and the Instax film did a superb job capturing all those blue skies. I only wish I’d had more time to explore and photograph our journey to and from Texas (and to explore the great state of Texas, of course.) But I suppose that’s a good excuse to make this road trip again, armed with more instant film!

(shout out to Nate for selling me this sweet little camera!)

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