{Happy Birthday} Celebrating Shiv, Part Two

I’ve already given you a glimpse into Shiv’s mundan. Now, I’ll show you photos from the other birthday events from that same weekend! The mundan took place Saturday morning, and that evening, there was a casual birthday party for Shiv at a family friend’s home. Dubbed a “Beer, Barbeque, & Birthday Cake” party, to be exact!

Happy birthday, Shiv! A little impromptu chalk art for Shiv’s birthday party, by JasonIt turned out wonderfully, don’t you think? Cute cute cute party decorations!

Shiv’s pretty cool. He had specially designed graphics for his birthday party.

Mama and Gigi help Shiv blow out the candles on his birthday cakes

The adults were mingling and enjoying one another’s company, while the kids took advantage of all the fun things to do! There was a trampoline and playset with a slide, a little deck to play on, and ‘hanging crow’s nest” style swings. The kids had a ball!

I discovered the Shiv naturally struck poses that made him look like a professional toddler model

Do you get the idea that Shiv loved the trampoline? Shiv loved being spun around in the swing by his Gigi! Gigi, Shiv wants to play some more!

The nighttime birthday party came to an end when the guest of honor needed to head off to bed. But that wasn’t the last of his birthday festivities! Sunday morning, there was a small brunch held at Kate’s house. It was a more intimate gathering, but it was really special nonetheless. Here are some fun moments from that brunch!

Beautiful dining room at Kate’s house, with some of the brunch foods laid out That ball is almost as big as you are, Shiv!Some sweet time between Shiv and Gigi Shiv and Mama open some of his presents. He’s so excited to have new books! (baby kisses!)

After witnessing the sense of family that Shiv, Jill and Nishta had with people from various aspects of their lives who came together for Shiv’s mundan and birthday festivities. I think the hopes for that weekend expressed in the mundan invitation were fully realized:

We also hope this occasion will be a way to bring together many different parts of Shiv’s extended family, to celebrate with you and thank each of you for your love, support, and guidance in our lives.”


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