{Instant Wedding} Kat and Thomas

Pretty soon, I will be posting a mega epic post of photos from Kat and Thomas’s wedding weekend. But first, here are some of the Polaroid/Impossible Project photos I took of all the partying that went on!

First, there was the rehearsal dinner Saturday night at Cafe Keough, located in downtown Memphis

The groom and bride to be!

Kat had super fun sparkly gold shoes

Kat’s brother Kip and his wife Tina

Two of Thomas and Kat’s nieces (from Thomas’s side of the fam.) The kids were fascinated with the Polaroids!

Bride and father of the bride

Thomas and Kat

The next morning, the wedding itself was at Kat and Thomas’s church, St. John’s Episcopal. The ceremony took place during the Sunday morning service. After the service, there was a champagne reception in the church fellowship hall.

A couple of the nieces and a couple of the nephews before the service

Thomas and his dad Tommy at the champagne reception

Friends at the champagne reception

The second reception was at Felicia Suzanne’s downtown – it was a parrrrrtttyyyy!

Well-stocked bar at Felicia Suzanne’s

Thomas’s cousin Large and grandmother Dodie

Wedding cake and desserts table

More friends

Kat and Thomas’s first dance!

Thomas’s dad and sisters Betsy and Ginny

Kat’s brother Preston and his wife Elizabeth

 Large and Dodie

Preston and his dad

Tina and Kip

Some of Kat’s best girlfriends

Thomas’s brother-in-law and nephew Oscar

Thomas’s brother-in-law and niece dancing

Thomas’s niece Blaise, brother-in-law Berkeley , and sister Ginny

Tina and her sister Virginia

I’m really glad I took along an instant camera to Kat and Thomas’s wedding festivities. The photos went down a storm*! I really CANNOT wait to share the non-instant photos and more details with everyone!

All photos taken on Impossible Project 600 films with a Polaroid Sun 660 camera


*That’s a Britishism 

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