{Coming Attractions}: Muddy’s Menu Photos, Part II

A few quick peeks into Muddy’s Menu Photos, Part II!

(that last one an explosion of creativity from Kat and Kip. Gordon Super Powers, Activate!)

Another day filled with nearly a dozen cakes and a dozen cupcake varieties, not to mention pies, cookies and bars – and we’re not done yet, folks! So I’ll be posting more sneaky peeks from the photo shoots, PLUS I’ll have behind the scenes photos taken on film which might make a guest appearance on the blog.  In other words: more to come!

3 Thoughts on “{Coming Attractions}: Muddy’s Menu Photos, Part II

  1. I really love those first two shots. Perfect!

  2. Au contraire! One of the reasons I was so excited to use Amanda is all the fun shots! We’ll obviously have our menu item pics, but there are lots of places in the website and our other marketing to use the pretty shots like those. YAY!!!!

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