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And without further ado…

Shoot With Personality will now resume it’s normally scheduled programming.

That is to say, I got to do a bit of live band photography recently when  I saw David Bazan and mewithoutYou play a gig together at the Hi-Tone on June 21.

I’d like to remind you of something.

I saw mewithoutYou in August of last year and thought “Oh, I can die happy now.”

Then I saw Dave Bazan in October and thought, “But REALLY I can die happy now.”

And, having said that, I’m not the type that gets all hot and bothered about musicians and thinks “OMG I gotta get near this person!” It just  happens that there are a couple of folks out there making music right now that means something to me. The aforementioned musicians are highest on that list. When I found out that mewithoutYou was playing in Memphis again and – wait for it – David Bazan would also be back because they’re touring together…let’s just say I became a very happy girl!

Seeing bands play during the summer in Memphis is not always the most pleasant experience – all those people, all that lack of air conditioning in most venues. The night of June 21 at the Hi-Tone was no exception. I’d like to sit here and say “oh, that didn’t matter. It was just all part of the experience.” But, yeah, it mattered that we were all dripping with sweat! It just didn’t matter enough that I don’t consider that night to be one of the top three of 2010 so far.

And here is the album where the rest of the photos from that show reside!