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{Quarantimes} Volume Four

Fall 2020. I had gotten a Nikon mount version of a lens I have already have and liked and shot the whole roll with it!

Started this film out in Oxford, Mississippi, where I’d gone to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment

I always took pictures of flowers for mom (though she never got to see these 🙁 )


The iconic Ajax Diner

I was thrilled to see these pictures of my niece, whom I’d gotten to shoot a roll of film in one of my cameras! I want her to be my protege, of course.

I’d told her to take pictures of the flowers to show her Gramma, but again, I wasn’t able to get this film developed for a couple of years and mom didn’t get to see the photos 🙁

My little love

I was so proud of her for being creative enough to kneel down to get this shot

Ice cream shop in Oxford

We did something that fall that I felt betrayed all my fellow hunker downers: we went to see one of our favorite movies, Bend it Like Beckham, at the Orpheum. All safety precautions taken, and it ended up that there were probably only a total of twenty people in the whole building that night!

I feel some regret that so many photos I’ve gotten developed after mom passed away featured her wearing a face mask, so you don’t get to see her in her full glory. But at least I got to see new pics of mom after we lost her.

You may not be able to tell, but she’s smiling (you can tell by her eyes!)

I’ve said it before: the Orpheum is probably my favorite place in Memphis. So may good memories of going there to see their summer movie series with my family.

The iconic Beale Street

Umbrellas, for some reason 

Double exposure of said umbrellas


In Oxford again for mom to visit a doctor

Mom really loved this metal sculpture near the town square down there, so I took some snaps of it 

Little one and her coffee


It was hard trying to get this shot straight! It’s a covered area with seating in downtown Oxford

The closest thing to fall colors that we get down here 

Nikon F3 HP •  Tokina RMC 28mm f/2.8 lens • Fuji Superia 400 film

Side note: I got kind of emotional putting this post together, because so much of it involved mom


{January Past}

I like to call 2017 “the year of the camera.” Between cameras that I was given and cameras that I found at thrift shops (and maybe one or two that I just plain bought myself,) I used MANY cameras in 2017. Normally, I’d shoot a couple of rolls through a new (or new-to-me) camera, then share the results as well as a little review of the camera here on Shoot With Personality. Between the fact that I used so many (and may not have gotten two rolls through each one right away) and the fact that I was saving most of the photos for my Secret Daily Photo film photography project, I went far too long without posting here. I have been sharing “b-roll” shots on social media, but I thought I would compile some into a blog post too.

January 2017

Label on the bottle of hazelnut liqueur that my Emulsive Secret Santa sent me from Poland.

Glittery double exposure

New vintage-style glass ornaments <3

Above photo taken with the Nikon F3 my friend David had recently given me, on Ilford HP5 Plus film


I mentioned Emulsive Secret Santa in the caption for the first photo in this post, and that was a film photography gift exchange I participated in during the 2016 holiday season. My Secret Santa was in Poland (which I didn’t know until my parcel arrived, as it really is a SECRET Santa exchange!) Along with some Polish sweets and a bottle of Polish hazelnut liqueur, he also sent me two cameras: A BeLomo Vilia and a Lomo LC-A. I could NOT believe it! The remainder of photos in this post were taken with those cameras. The black and white photos below were made with the BeLomo, on Ilford XP2 Plus film. The colour shots were made with the Lomo LC-A, on Fuji Superia 200 slide film, that was well-expired and cross-processed.

In my sister’s home


Me, before going to hear my mom sing one night

What much of my childhood looked light

A slightly magical night at Huddle House

Afternoon of golden light (but on black and white film)

Burn pile


Rainy night in Memphis

I know this is a bit of a different approach to blogging photos than my readers might be used to, but I hope you’ll follow along as I share some of the photographic fruits of my 2017!