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{Speed Shop}

I love me some classic cars.

I wrote a little about my love for old cars in a post a few years back. My most recent adventure in photographing cars was a  bit  earlier this year, at a speed shop – that is to say, a  car shop specializing in high-performance automobiles. Well, this one had more than just hot rods they’re working on. It had odds, ends, and even oddities! Like the SV-48 (an electric car from the 70s,) a Divco milk truck, and a life-sized Spiderman figure.

It was an unusually warm January afternoon, the lighting was just right as we were driving past this car shop, so I took my chance to hop out and burn through a roll of Kodak Ektar.  I was glad that the folks at the shop were kind enough to allow me to snap these photos with my mighty little Ricoh FF-1* !

 Ricoh FF-1 • Kodak Ektar • Southaven, MS



*This camera ruuuuuules so much!