{Quarantimes} Volume One

I tend to end up waiting too long to send off a batch of film to be developed. That’s the case with film I shot during the beginning of the pandemic. I just got them developed this year, and I didn’t really know how to categorize some photos taken during that time. We were very careful back then, so we mostly stayed home (or cautiously went to coffee shops!) But, because I still had the desire to take photos, I have rolls of film filled with just shots of things around the place where I live. I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to see all these random photos so long after they were taken, during a period that now feels as if it were a lifetime ago. However, I will share the photos anyway in case someone might enjoy or find value in them. They definitely preserved memories of how life felt back then!

Consider this to be the first installment of a short series from “quarantimes.”

The galaxy insulated cup my sister got me for Christmas a few months earlier. 

Quarantimes indeed

Strawberry jam my mom got from an Amish community she and my aunt visited a few days before the world shut down

A rare outing to Area 51 ice cream – not eating inside, of course!

Wild blackberries growing on our property

Funny story. I saw this from a distance, and thought “Wow! What a perfect toadstool! Let me grab a camera!” When I approached the scene, I found that it was not a toadstool, but it was a candle holder my mom was spray painting red *face palm*

Everyone got on the banana bread train during lockdown, but I’d already BEEN on it!

ACTUAL toadstools 

Minolta Stsi • Fuji Superia 400

One Thought on “{Quarantimes} Volume One

  1. I love these, looking forward to more of your Quarantine series. For the few months we were stuck at home I took think I took even more photographs than usual, perhaps from the whiplash of suddenly not being able to be outside. It looks like you ventured out for quite a bit though, the photos are great!

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