These photos were taken at Crosstown Concourse in Memphis, last December just around Christmas. The Concourse was formerly a Sears and Roebuck retail outlet and distribution center that has been revitalized and reimagined. It’s a space for living, dining, shopping, and the arts. It’s a whole lifestyle thing (that I could never afford, but at least it’s free to visit and browse!)

My mom particularly loved this section that had a display about the Sears store that used to be there, because she had been to the Sears when it was still operating in this space

(I am in love with how this photo turned out)

Some of the art on display when we visited

French Truck coffee

Photos taken with:
Canon Rebel Ti • Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM • Agfa Vista 200 film
Fuji Instax SQ6 • Fuji Instax Square film, black frame

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