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{Getting to Know You} Canon Sure Shot Z90W

Apparently I’m collecting Canon Sure Shots now? I’ll have to show you a family portrait of all of them soon!

Today’s is the Canon Sure Shot Z90w:

I had gone through a dry spell, re: finding thrift shop cameras in 2018. I finally just decided to buy one off eBay*, like a normal person. I don’t LOVE cameras with zoom lenses because they’re usually not great, but I had been wanting a Canon Sure Shot Z90W for awhile because a) Its widest focal length is 28mm, which is UNUSUAL in a point and shoot camera b) it is one of the Sure Shots with exposure compensation (you can choose to give the photo more or less exposure as needed. You can do ±1.5 stops.) c) it has a memory feature that remembers the settings you’d chosen the last time you’d used the camera, so you can (in my case) leave the flash off and not have to scroll through the flash settings every time you power the camera on (this is a major complaint a lot of point and shoot users have – the flash menu!)

A few specs on the Canon Sure Shot Z90W:

  • Focal length: 28mm-90mm (maximum aperture range of f/4.5 on the wide end and f/9.9 on the long end.)
  • Shutter speed range: 4 seconds to 1/640 second, depending on the mode/focal length you’re shooting 
  • Focus range: 1.5ft or 2ft-infinity, depending on the mode/focal length you’re shooting
  • Film speeds: ISO 25-3200, set automatically with DX codes

Roll #1 was Fuji Superia 400. Not overly impressed with the camera as of yet (but maybe I should have taken more interesting photos!)

How my niece looks in most of the photos I take of her (annoyed)

This was taken as a memento of one of our “Well THAT was weird” experiences

I made an ugly cake

*heart eyes*

(My niece glaring at my camera: a saga)

More garish cakes

Roll #2 was also Fuji Superia 400. I usually wouldn’t share any of these because they had previously been featured on my post of vacation photos from 2018, but I thought I could choose a few from that roll that i liked

(All these were taken at Dollywood)

Roll #3 was Kodak Max 400

I do NOT remember taking the above photos! They were taken while my mother was in hospital for broken hip/surgery at the end of 2018. 

Christmas season 2018. I’m surprised I managed to take these, because our mom being in the hospital/physical rehab for three weeks leading up to Christmas really took the wind out of our sails!

I feel like my niece and I lived at Zaxby’s during that time period. My sister was in the hospital for a couple of days while our mom was recovering from hip surgery!

Went to the movies with a group from church

This IS a throwback! My niece’s first time attending a Coffee 101/pour over class! Early 2019! (I think I sat the camera on a table and used the self timer on these so they wouldn’t be blurry from slower shutter speeds)

It took me six months to finish this roll of film, so there were a couple of changes of seasons during its life


I will say, even though the wide angle lens is a plus, the fact that the max aperture is little slower than I would like is NOT so great. But in decent light, it’s perfectly serviceable! I was happy with a lot of shots from my third roll!




*but then I found a different Canon Sure Shot in a thrift shop for $3 right after I got this one. GO FIGURE!