{‘Roid Week 2013} Sno Cones + Portraits

When I did engagement photos for Daniel and Amy, I took along my Polaroid 250 camera. We started our photo session at Jerry’s Sno Cones in Memphis. It was one of the first nice Saturdays of the spring, which meant Jerry’s was PACKED! The line stretched WELL around the corner, in fact.

I arrived before Daniel and Amy and gladly claimed a spot  in the queue while I awaited their arrival. After a bit of waiting, some people met up with the folks who were in front of me in the line, and there were hugs all around. It took me a second, but I quickly recognized that the people who had just arrived were none other than Hope and Richard! It had been a suuuuuuuper long time since I’d seen that sweet newlywed couple, so this chance run-in was a nice surprise for me!

Quick snapshot of Richard. Though he always looks “camera ready.” As does his wife –
still kicking myself for not grabbing a shot of Hope that day! 

Once the engaged couple arrived, it was time to commence the sno cone eatin’ and get our photo session under way!

Engagement Polaroid of Amy & Daniel with their sno cones

I only managed to grab a couple of photos with my Polaroid that day, but I was pretty glad I bothered to bring it along once I saw how those photos turned out. I know the most photogenic people…

Polaroid 250 • Fuji FP-100C

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