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{‘Roid Week 2013} Bonus Day: The ‘Roids that Time Forgot

My previous ‘Roid Week bonus day blog was filled with photos which I found to be more misses than hits. This bonus day post is made up of photos which I actually liked but never bothered scanning in. Mostly, they were taken last year during a time when I had a lot going on and spent most of my photo-related computer time editing wedding photos. And as scanning prints is not a favorite task of mine, these pictures never made it into digital form so I could post them online.  I’m trying to right that wrong today, by giving them their own bonus day ‘Roid Week 2013 blog!

“The day my Impossible Project Pioneer Card arrived”  Polaroid SX-70 Sonar • PX 70, NIGO edition
(Better BIGGER)

“Tractor and Radio Flyer”  Polaroid SX-70 One-Step “Rainbow” • PX 70 Color Shade Cool
(a camera I only owned two days – bought it at a junk shop & sold it immediately at a profit)

“Tree, looking up” • Polaroid SX-70 • PX 680 Color Shade (old gen) + Neutral density filter

“Cafeteria Jukebox”  Polaroid Sun 660 AF • PX 680 Gold Frame Edition

“Motorcycle in the Lobby”  Sun 660 AF  PX 680 Gold Frame Edition

“Ice cream with strawberries”  Polaroid SLR 680 • PX 680 Gold Frame Edition

“Yashica GT, in my lap” • Polaroid SX-70 Sonar • PX 680 Gold Frame Edition + ND filter


I feel as if I have a clean slate after I’ve gotten my backlog of instant photos posted online during ‘Roid Week 2013! Yay!

{‘Roid Week 2013} Bonus Day: The Island of Misfit ‘Roids

When I decided that ‘Roid Week 2013 was the ideal opportunity share my backlog of instant photos, I tried to be selective about the photos I’d showcase. Some of them were tossed aside because the focus/exposure wasn’t right, others simply didn’t “do it” for me.  But I’ve found that sometimes when I’m not crazy about a particular photo, it is still worth sharing because someone else might find the photo to be of some interest. Meaning some photos that make me say “meh!” may make someone else say “yeah!” In that spirit here are the photos that didn’t make the cut for my ‘Roid Week 2013 selections: 

“Instant photos of my niece, some more successful than others” • Polaroid 250 • Fuji FP-100C

“My brother’s pit bull, Nala, lounging on the porch”  Polaroid 250 Fuji FP-100C

“My fave shoes, but this photo makes my lap look voluminous” • Polaroid 250 • Fuji FP-100C

Failed attempt to photograph a beautiful, giant bowl of cream cheese icing”
Minolta Instant Pro close-up lens   PZ 680 Color Protection

“Blue Ribbon on the Post Office door” • Polaroid 250 Fuji FP-100C

“Summer Refreshment” • Polaroid Spectra 1200si • Close-up lens •  PZ 680 Color Protection

{Roid Week 2013} Shredded Glory

Every once in awhile, I nearly get myself into a bit of trouble when carrying out my photographic pursuits. Only once has law enforcement been called in, but that was no big deal and ended well 😉

The photo featured today is of plastic American flags that are strung around a business that’s on a corner in the town where I live. The stripes on the flags are shredded, looking like fringe, thanks to effects of flapping in the wind over time. I had to pass that corner every time I picked my niece up from school and always wanted to stop to take a photo. I do try to keep out of trouble when I go onto private property for photographic purposes, by either asking permission (when possible) for taking photos or by being discreet. For the photo I took of these flags, I went after business hours, drove into the parking lot, took this photo very quickly by leaning out of the rolled down window of the car, and tried to be on my way. But I couldn’t get on my way before having a man who was at a neighboring business approach me. He wore overalls, a trucker hat over his unkempt hair, and spoke with a thick “country”  accent.  He wasn’t confrontational, but I knew when he was asking if I needed help with something and told me he knew the owner of the business that he was trying to suss my motives for taking a photo of something on this property. I just explained, in as chipper a voice as possible, that I didn’t need help with anything because I was just taking a photo of the flag banner. He still gave me a sideways glance and probably took down my license plate number before I drove away. At least he didn’t call in the sheriff though!

Minolta Instant Pro • Impossible Project PZ 680 Color Protection

{‘Roid Week 2013} Sno Cones + Portraits

When I did engagement photos for Daniel and Amy, I took along my Polaroid 250 camera. We started our photo session at Jerry’s Sno Cones in Memphis. It was one of the first nice Saturdays of the spring, which meant Jerry’s was PACKED! The line stretched WELL around the corner, in fact.

I arrived before Daniel and Amy and gladly claimed a spot  in the queue while I awaited their arrival. After a bit of waiting, some people met up with the folks who were in front of me in the line, and there were hugs all around. It took me a second, but I quickly recognized that the people who had just arrived were none other than Hope and Richard! It had been a suuuuuuuper long time since I’d seen that sweet newlywed couple, so this chance run-in was a nice surprise for me!

Quick snapshot of Richard. Though he always looks “camera ready.” As does his wife –
still kicking myself for not grabbing a shot of Hope that day! 

Once the engaged couple arrived, it was time to commence the sno cone eatin’ and get our photo session under way!

Engagement Polaroid of Amy & Daniel with their sno cones

I only managed to grab a couple of photos with my Polaroid that day, but I was pretty glad I bothered to bring it along once I saw how those photos turned out. I know the most photogenic people…

Polaroid 250 • Fuji FP-100C

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