{Instant Wedding} Hope and Richard

Today, I offer up the instant photos I took at Hope and Richard’s wedding. Using Polaroid cameras and Impossible Project films throughout the day was SO FUN! I knew the lovely bride and groom would dig the look and feel of these Polaroids, especially since I had purchased a bag of Impossible Project “old generation” film. Those older generation films can produce some unpredictable results!

One thing I enjoyed about photographing Hope and Richard’s wedding was that they decided to go against tradition and see each other before the ceremony. They had a little bit of private time with one another before the hub-bub of the wedding got into full swing. Of course, they wanted photos of this, so I was there as well!

(Polaroid Sun 660 AF • PX 600 Silver Shade “matured” film)

Waiting on Hope to come down to meet him

Seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day

Admiring his bride-to-be


(Polaroid SX-70 Sonar • PX 70 Color Shade Cool film)

So happy together!

Heart-shaped ring pop I brought to use as a prop during the photos I would be taking during their pre-wedding time together

Bride and her Maids


(Polaroid Sun 600 AF • PX 680 Color Shade “matured” film)

Elenore, the sweet little flower girl

JUST married!

First dance!

Dance floor


Prior to the wedding, Hope requested that we display her bridal portrait Polaroids at the reception. I told her that it might be cool if we also hung up the instant photos I would be taking throughout the day of the wedding. I’m so glad we were able to do that!


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