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You know how I have been going on and on lately about local music? Well here is another little tidbit on that subject. As I have lamented several times this past year (via this blog) I have been out of the local music loop for the past couple of years. So many responsibilities, so little time for attending shows…

At any rate, Wicker was one of the local bands I hadn’t seen in a loooooong time. Srsly. A long time. This past weekend I decided it was high time I remedy that situation. I couldn’t be more glad that I did! I had forgotten how fun seeing Wicker could be. It was actually a great reminder for me that fun is sorta the whole point of this band. I mean, you’re pretty much guaranteed that at least some members of the band will be in costume during their set and, more often than not, some type of hijinks will occur. And boy, do the kids (as I like to call them) have a good time at Wicker shows! Anyone who saw me while they were playing would have seen that I was feeling pretty dancey as I watched the band. That’s right. I could be seen dancing in my place as I took pictures. Told ya I had a good time…


Wicker. Nov. 12 ’11 @ The Smithseven House. Cordova, TN.

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