The Night the Sky was Yellow

We have had some freaky weather in Memphis in the past couple of months. Tornadic activity, floods, unseasonably cold days, and unreasonably hot ones. The blaring of tornado sirens had virtually become the soundtrack of our lives in Memphis.

A couple of weeks ago, there was talk of tornadoes yet again. At one point, I looked outside and the sky was yellow. This was worrisome and downright eerie. I decided, of course, to have a little photographic walkabout.

The photo I thought best captured the color cast by the strange light that evening was this one of a chair outside the house where I live.

Yashica D TLR • Kodak Ektar Film

And I didn’t get taken away by a twister for the sake of photography that night. The TV weathermen told the city afterward that the yellow sky was a good sign, that the troublesome weather had passed for the night. Thank goodness! Thank goodness that the trouble had passed…

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