While I Breathe, I Say “Goodbye”

Photos of While I Breathe, I Hope & Pezz @ The Hi-Tone. Mar. 25 ’11.

When I got word some months back that While I Breathe, I Hope (WIBIH) was “getting the band back together” and playing a reunion show, I was so unbelievably happy. These guys are friends of mine, and watching them play, taking their photos, and singing along with them had been a staple in my life for years! I couldn’t wait for this reunion show because I knew I and all of our friends connected to WIBIH would have SO much fun. I was not wrong about this. We had a blast! The band sounded great, they were enjoying themselves, and, as one of my friends so aptly put it, “It was like 2005 again!”

Now, even though I knew it was their last show, it didn’t actually occur to me until the very end that this was not just a reunion show, it was a final show. While I Breathe played their final song, one called “I’d Be a Liar to Feel That Way.” There is a break in the music, where the band stops for a second, Drew comes back in on the drums, then they start playing again and Jeremy sings the outro “It’s gotta go, so much deeper than they have/for me to make a move that way.” But on the night of this show, the band stopped playing, Jeremy stepped off the stage, the band started playing the outro, and Adam started singing those words. And, I don’t mean to get all emotional on ya’ll, but I suddenly felt a sense of finality. Because I don’t really know if WIBIH will ever play a show together again. I got unexpectedly sad!

Then we went outside and took “kids pics” (a feature on the old version of Shoot With Personality) and it really did feel like 2005 all over again.

It truly was a bittersweet sort of night, and while there were some friends missing from the crowd who I wish would have been there with us, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

So, my friends in While I Breathe, I Hope, I want to say:


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  1. Awesome, awesome awesome. 🙂

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