Friendly Plugs for Friends: Sexy Breakfast

It’s a new year and I think I’m going to have a new feature on here, where I give plugs/endorsements for things my friends do. I have talented people in my life, so why not spread the word?

The inspiration for this feature is: My friend Ashley and her Sexy Breakfast line.

Ashley and I worked together at the photo studio (in different departments.) She drew my name in the Secret Santa game. This was PERFECT, as it turns out. She knows I’m a baker and love cute things, she MAKES cute things. She gave me this!

I love love love gingham and I love lavendar. What’s not to love about this apron then?

Sexy Breakfast gets it’s name because, well, Ashley makes some tongue-in-cheek “suggestive” items. I feel like getting an apron with grapes on it in wasn’t TOO scandalous for me. So I’m pretty glad that’s the one she gave me!

Ashley’s Sexy Breakfast shop on Etsy is a bit under construction at the moment, but please do visit the Sexy Breakfast page on Facebook and keep checking the Etsy shop for available items!

Also please check out my new year-long photo project, which I’m showcasing in a blog dedicated to the project:
The “Amanda Loves” Project

One Thought on “Friendly Plugs for Friends: Sexy Breakfast

  1. I think I may know someone who would love one of these.

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