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The Night the Sky was Yellow

We have had some freaky weather in Memphis in the past couple of months. Tornadic activity, floods, unseasonably cold days, and unreasonably hot ones. The blaring of tornado sirens had virtually become the soundtrack of our lives in Memphis.

A couple of weeks ago, there was talk of tornadoes yet again. At one point, I looked outside and the sky was yellow. This was worrisome and downright eerie. I decided, of course, to have a little photographic walkabout.

The photo I thought best captured the color cast by the strange light that evening was this one of a chair outside the house where I live.

Yashica D TLR • Kodak Ektar Film

And I didn’t get taken away by a twister for the sake of photography that night. The TV weathermen told the city afterward that the yellow sky was a good sign, that the troublesome weather had passed for the night. Thank goodness! Thank goodness that the trouble had passed…

Seis de Mayo!!! [Mini Cupcakes]

Mini margarita cupcakes. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Or for Seis de Mayo, when you don’t have time to bake on the 5th of May.

I had so much fun setting up my little food photography shoot with these cupcakes. I chose the deep, jewel-toned cupcake liners specially for these little treats because I knew they would make the cupcakes look as festive as they tasted.  And, hey, my friends who recieved boxes of these for Seis de Mayo pressies didn’t seem to mind that I was taking Cinco de Mayo celebrations into extra innings!

Summer Break, Day 1

Yashica D TLR • Kodak Ektar Film

My niece really likes it when we spray her hair with wash-out hair coloring. She’s not allowed to do so when school is in session though. I don’t know what the actual dress code at her school says, but I’m going to take a guess that it’s something like:  “Brightly colored streaks in your hair are frowned upon in this establishment!”

Because of her school’s dress code, we try to make sure we color her hair as much as possible when she’s got a break from school.  I gave AM some cans of hair color this Spring and promised we’d start using them as soon school dismissed for summer.  I went to Mississippi so she and I could spend her first day of Summer Break together, and it happened to coincide with a little picnic her art teacher was having for AM and the other people in her private art class. AM was extra keen to have some bright color in her hair for this picnic. You know, like an artistic touch to her hairstyle in honor of her art class picnic. I just took her “little braid” and sprayed it neon green. We were pretty happy with the results.  At the class picnic, the art teacher grinned nervously and said “That’s really unusual…

And we don’t mind that reaction at all, because AM not expressing her own sense of style is frowned upon in this establishment…